This is a moving meditation developed by Natalie Southgate. In Chakradance we explore the 7 different chakra energies through spontaneous movement, specific music, visualization and mandala art. You are guided into your own personal experience. You learn to be mindful and self-witnessing, without judging.

Dancing the seven chakras is like opening seven doorways into seven different universal energies, each with its own aspects, meanings, stories and archetypes. We explore our instincts, our sexuality, our personal power, how we love and communicate, our intuition and our spirituality, All these different energies affect our health, our daily life, our personality, and our self-expression.
The process of Chakradance is a journey into your inner space, you may see images in your mind’s eye, recall memories or gain insights related to each chakra. You may also feel emotions or physical sensations. It’s a gentle unfolding, an awakening of who you really are.