The Dancer

“Dance is my Passion. Dance is my Soul. In the dance I met the Artist in me. Every time I dance, I discover a piece of myself.”

Maria Pacifico

As a Mover since childhood, I explored various types of movement and dance: classical ballet, modern, Jazz, Afro, artistic gym, Flamenco, Ballroom, Folk; later on, yoga, tai chi and finally 5 Rhythms dance, which in 2010 was the turning point in my life. I dove into 5 Rhythms and discovered a new way of dancing without thinking. “Conscious Movement” – “Body intelligence” – “Embodiment” were its key words. No steps, no choreography; only music, you and your body. Curiosity called me to experience over a long period Conscious Dance: Movement medicine, Open Floor, Soul Motion, Azul, Chakradance… Dancing became more and more a path of self-discovery, creativity, and personal expression. During this long process I met my soul, I met my spirit, I met the Artist in me.

The Teacher

“Teaching is my commitment to Conscious dance. Every time I teach, I discover a piece of my Heart”

Maria Pacifico

After these long and varied dance experiences, I became aware about the power of conscious dance and decided to undertake the teaching path in three specific areas of conscious movement: Laban Creative Movement and Improvisation, Chakradance, and AZUL Conscious Movement. These different areas cover a large spectrum of possibilities for exploring Conscious Dance. The interactions between these methods is the framework of my Conscious Dance labs and workshops.

Conscious Dance a journey into your Soul

Conscious dance has two specific aspects: Free movement, no steps, no choreography and mindfulness presence. When we dance, our attention is inside the body. We listen to the body, we listen to how the body wants to move. We follow the body in its dance journey and we listen to what the body wants to tell us. By exploring mindful movement, we discover our personal movement language, our personal dance. We play with our body, we enjoy our movement, becoming more and more self-confident. We release old patterns, open up to creativity and allow self-expression to come through. We surrender to the mystery of the unknown. By Moving towards the unknown, we discover our Soul.