FloraArtbox: the harmonizing Contrast and three-dimensional collage


FloraArtbox is the result of a long period of creative exploration, rooted in my love for Nature and my interest in ecological issues. As a Biologist, I have always been fascinated by the beauty, the harmony and the brilliance of Nature. Sometimes human behavior was so far away from Nature, that in my mind often arose the question: “Is it possible to live in harmony with Nature?” I started exploring this question in collage artworks and tried to combine artificial materials with spontaneous flora: tree bark, rusty nails, plastic wires, old steel pipes, colored paper, flowers, seeds… For a long time, I combined them searching for the specific synergy of colors, shapes and textures that expressed harmony between contrasting materials, but the results did not satisfy me. The turning point was when I discovered “frame containers” which allowed for a three-dimensional collage resulting in a wider range of possible interactions and combinations. The “frame containers” answered the initial question: “Is it possible to live in harmony with Nature?” with a “YES.” Every FloraArtbox is the result of a creative process able to transform Contrasts into Harmony.